20 things that happen when you start dressing DAPPER!

20 things that happen when you start dressing DAPPER!

Mar 3, 2017 4:23:28 PM

Why do celebs create such a hue and cry about style?

Why does the corporate fraternity take pride in its power suits?

Why are first impressions formed on appearances?  

Why’s a multibillion-dollar industry devoted to the ‘art of dressing’?


The answer lies in a simple equation-

How you dress = Who you are, what you stand for, and how you are perceived

So, unless you really don’t care about self-image (we won’t recommend that), or are living in a completely different dimension (we’ll try and cover that in a different blog), there’s simply no justification for not dressing well.

Besides, it’s a great conversation starter! And the perks – they come in plenty. Read on.

 1. A sudden surge of confidence (it’s almost as if dressing up releases happy hormones in your body) 

Let’s do this!


2. You project an image of a thoroughbred horse – polished, no-nonsense, walk-the-talk kind

Look at that SWAG


3.  You become an attention catcher – men, women, strangers, colleagues, friends, family…attention from everyone


 4.  Compliments flow in from everywhere


5. That hot girl from your office building starts noticing you


 6. People just want to hear you TALK

Why so smitten?


7.  You start admiring other well-dressed people


8. You CRINGE looking at the fashion faux pas’ around you – imperfect hemlines, shoddy shoes, ill-fitted shirts…unbearable!


 9.  You become a social media sensation

I’m famous, you fellas!


10. You have an air of authority around you


11.  People just keep asking for style tips from you


12.  And another day full of compliments!


13.  The cashier at the supermarket lets you skip the line

Come hither, pretty boy!


14.  People assume you are affluent. Very affluent.


 15.  Your boss starts wondering what have you been up to


 16.  You become conscious about fitness and grooming


 17.  Girls don’t mind when they catch you checking them out


 18.  You de-clutter your closet and make space for new arrivals


 19.  Your girlfriend/wife starts crushing on you all over again


 20. You keep your trend radar up starting with our latest collection (no kidding!)


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