5 types of shoes every man should own

5 types of shoes every man should own

Apr 5, 2017 12:20:39 PM

While men’s fashionscape can be a little daunting, life becomes easier when it comes to things like choosing shoes – simply because there are only that many shoe styles in question.

Since your footwear carries the tremendous potential of making or breaking an outfit, and partly because we dig shoes, here are the five types of shoes that will comfortably cover every occasion of your life without questioning your style quotient.



These shoes originated in Scotland for men involved in turf bog before going mainstream and becoming a style staple.

Brogues are easily identifiable because of their perforations. Though polished and impeccable, these shoes go beyond the typical dress shoe domain and can be easily incorporated in the smart-casual space. Needless to say, this one deserves a space in your shoe closet.

How/when to wear - Team these shoes with your suits when styling for a formal occasion. Wear them with button-down shirts and denims for a comfortable yet sleek look.



Where do we even start with Oxfords - the ones with a rich heritage, the ones that unmistakably fit every occasion or the ones that inspired many shoe trends! No wonder then that these shoes feature as a top favourite among shoe enthusiasts.

Oxfords come with a ‘closed lacing’ system that gives them a distinct visual identity. In simple terms it means that the eyelet facings are stitched underneath the front section of the shoe. This lacing feature also distinguishes them from Derbies (we’ll talk about that in a bit).

How/when to wear – Wear Oxfords to a wedding, to an interview, to that board meeting, for a college reunion. Pair them with your tuxedos, khakis, formal trousers, and just about anything.



The most commonly associated notion with sneakers is that they reflect casual street style. But even casual can be tasteful.

Invest in sneakers that are comfortable, have a timeless appeal and can be easily teamed with denim jeans and T-shirt as well as blazers and casual-smart looks.

How/when to wear - Combine sneakers with your T-shirt and khakis, casual shirt and denims, khaki shorts and T-shirt combo. They are ideal for a relaxed weekend look and casual occasions.



Where Oxfords have a closed lacing system, Derbies come with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp making them ‘open lacing’ shoes. This makes Derbies a little less formal than Oxfords. Nonetheless, they’re refined, neat and extremely smart looking – a must-have in your collection.

How/when to wear – Pair Derbies with your formal shirt and trousers and take them to your dates, office and semi-formal events.



Why are these on our checklist? Because no lacing means no hassle, because they are still as sharp and smart looking as any other dress shoe, and because they are versatile.

Invest in a pair of black or brown classic formal slip-on and you have an alternative for your Derby and Brogue.

How/when to wear- This footwear falls in the semi-formal domain, so you can pair slip-ons with your button-down shirt and trouser combo, with your denims and T- shirt, with khakis and semi-formal shirts.


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