6 Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

6 Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Oct 14, 2016 5:05:22 PM

Some fashion rules are pretty well-known: Most of us know not to wear shoes that are worn-out and never to don socks with our sandals. But, some fashion faux pas are so common that you might not even know you make them. Find out how many of these 10 fashion mistakes you’re guilty of making and how you can avoid them in the future:

1.Tying the wrong knot

Probably the commonest of fashion mistakes (and also the most jarring) is not knowing the right way or the right place to wear a tie. It’s better to go with no tie than wearing a tie that is a shade lighter than your shirt to a business meeting. It’s a whole another ballgame if you’re going out to party.

Unless you’re at gunpoint, don’t wear a tie and shirt in the same colour. Yes, same shade stripes also count! Your tie should be centred and end just above the belt-buckle. Don’t miss the dimple in the in the centre knot. It’s just a noose around your neck otherwise. And, no: Creases aren’t the same thing.

Last but not the least, if you’re wearing short sleeves with a tie, you’ll achieve only as good as a ‘fast-food manager’ look.

2. Wearing your heart on your sleeve

Remember the label sewn on the left sleeve of the suit jacket that you wore on your last client meeting? Yeah… you were supposed to remove it after you bought it;even if you love the brand and wanted the whole world to know it!

By the time the suit came to you, the label had long served its life purpose as a brand inventory tag.

3. Buttoning up completely

The best reason why you shouldn’t be buttoning the bottom button of your jacket, cardigan or vest is because it’s not been designed to be buttoned and won’t survive the exercise.

One theory goes that most men’s jackets or vests haven’t been made to button the bottom button since the time of King Edward VII (1841–1910). The King was so heavy that he couldn’t get the bottom button fastened on his vest. The loyal court who wanted the young Kingto have a healthy body image and his subjects who loved copying royalty made King Edward’s fashion trauma into a fashion statement that has survived till today.

4. Sharing too much

Say it aloud: An undershirt is not a shirt!

All an undershirt is meant to do is prevent your dress-shirt from getting sweat-stained. Unless you are Maali Kakaor a likable hooligan in a Bollywood film, refrain fromdressing like you can’t afford a shirt.

5. Picking bad threads

An opulent-looking heavy suit for a wedding in June doesn’t make you ‘hot’ the way you’d like it to be. Just because it’s a traditional occasion, you don’t have to ‘do what the Romans do’. Instead, choose smarter fabrics that fit the temperature around, and don’t deviate from the seriousness of the occasion too.

Having said that, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and fabrics.You can pick jackets made of knit, that look suave and are great companions for travel. After all, variety adds to the spice in your wardrobe!

To add that variety, pick up some quality fabrics from a brand that’s known to deliver.

6. Losing yourself in someone else’s looks

No matter how good the fabric, if the sleeves are too long, or the shoulders droop, or the trouser legs puddle over your laces, it will look like you’ve borrowed the suit from your paternal uncle. (And, if you wear socks with sandals, you’re probably going to look like him too!)

Now that you know what not to do, take a look at at the latest from the Blackberrys lookbook to check out the fashion TO-DOs!

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