7 morning rituals for men that work like magic!

7 morning rituals for men that work like magic!

Oct 1, 2016 5:15:42 PM

Wish you looked just as groomed at the end of a long day as you did when you first stepped out of the house this morning? If yes, then consider this article your own personal genie!

(Excited? We are!)

To have your wish granted, all you need is a can-do attitude, and a simple tweak in your morning routine. Scroll down for a snapshot of 7 things that you must add to your mornings to look and feel good all day, every day!

1. Have H20 and a hot cuppa

 Did you know that our bodies get dehydrated during the night? (That explains why most of us feel like the walking dead in the mornings!) Waking up with a refreshing glass of water can help your body get back on track for the rest of the day.

 Also, include tea to your morning routine. Not only does it do wonders for your health (thanks to its caffeine content), green or black tea can also give you that extra jolt of energy you need. It is packed with anti-ageing antioxidants, and is also believed to fight off bad breath.


  • Ironically, most brands of mouthwash are high in alcohol and can actually dry your mouth out, making your breath smell even worse. So, skipping mouthwash after you brush, and using tea and a tongue scraper instead, is an idea that doesn’t stink!

2. Sweat it out

 Some simple cardio at the start of the day will reward you with an aura of a Greek God for the rest of it. Stretch and tone your body to look lean, and rock your slim fit suits. There’s another bonus to exercise; studies show that it releases happiness-inducing endorphins in your brain, letting you manage the day’s stresses with relative ease. (And here we thought a workout session was only good for building muscle or losing weight!)


  • Do cardio exercises in the morning (save weight training for later in the day).
  • Finish your workout with 75-150 push-ups. It’ll wake up your core muscles and improve your posture.

3. Clean that handsome face of yours (but not with soap) 

 Be careful not to use soap on your face. Soap strips away the natural oils, and dries out the skin faster than we can even spell ‘wrinkles’ or ‘plastic surgery’. To keep your face plump and to look youthful 9-to-5, use a PH balanced cleanser.


  • Use a cleanser that contains an exfoliant or a 2-percent salicylic acid solution to clean and unclog pores.

4. Tame the facial hair

 Beards may be ‘in’ right now, but don’t go overboard channelling your inner hairy animal when on a vacation wearing your shorts. Groom your facial hair daily: tweeze out those stray eyebrow/ear hair, and trim (or shave) your moustache and beard to look your formal best for your boss and clients. (Done? Neat!)


  • If you shave, do so after a hot shower. The warm water opens the pores and softens the hair, making the shave much smoother. Shave in the direction of your hair growth to avoid irritating the skin. Also, wash your face with cold water afterwards to close the pores and get a healthy glow.

5. Dress to impress

 Wear well-fitted clothes to keep looking sharp the whole day. Begin the day by planning your attire. For instance - Going on a weekend road trip? Team your structured biking maroon slim fit t-shirt with Blackberrys grey coloured men’s urban denim jeans. On the other hand, if attending a press meet, pick up something from the Blackberry’s sparkling Black and White collection.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the accessories. Clothes maketh a man, but the right shoesmaketh a man look good!


  • See to it that all your formals are pressed and ready beforehand.
  • For the best fits and the latest trends in Menswear, check out the all-new Blackberrys Look Book.
  • Subscribe to The Sharp Club for some inspiration, and get great deals and discounts.

6. Smell good to look good

 So, you have a business dinner in the evening and have chosen to dress up. Sure, Looking good is alright, but will it count if you don’t still smell good? For the Greek God that you are, shouldn’t you smell like heaven too? Match your deodorant, cologne, and soap (or use a fragrance-free soap and deodorant) to layer your scent and keep it from becoming overwhelming


  • Smell great all day; apply your cologne right after the shower.
  • Instead of the old basic deodorants, go for a product that combines an antiperspirant and a deodorant. A deodorant prevents the odour caused by sweating, while antiperspirants work to stop the sweating itself. 

7. Plan your day like you plan a date

 Always be prepared! Take out a few minutes in the morning to go over things that you might need to take on the day, and arrange them already. If not possible while at home, make mental notes where you could find them handy. Being organized and ready gives you an air of calm which has a charm in itself. (We hope you don’t mind being called a Star at your workplace!)


  • Keep a shoe shiner in your bag for the inevitably necessary touch-ups.
  • Carry a pocket-handkerchief to dab away the excess oil when your face gets shiny.
  • Carry an extra pair of socks, especially if you have body odour issues.
  • Carry an extra shirt (preferably dark) for an evening outing.
  • To look hot and stay warm on a cool work day, keep a jacket handy.
  • Carry your extra clothes in a separate bag so they don’t get wrinkled or dirty.

Now that we’ve decoded the magic, you’re probably no longer wondering how those ad men in ‘Mad Men’ pull off looking so dapper.

Follow these simple morning rituals religiously to look your best throughout the day. Also, do keep us posted if you find more ways to sharpen your look.


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