Biggest style mistakes to avoid this summer

Biggest style mistakes to avoid this summer

Mar 31, 2017 11:32:10 AM

Summer might not be the most loved season for the world at large, but fashion followers rejoice as they wake up from winter hibernation and witness a flurry of colours, fabrics, textures and trends.

Summer brings with it the freedom to dress up the way you want – including the danger of committing some serious fashion blunders. Since men’s summer fashion can be tricky, we’ve compiled this guide to help you avoid the most common style mistakes this summer. Have a look.


Ditch the short-sleeve shirt. Go for Linen shirts.

A short-sleeve shirt at work or any formal event is unforgivable. These shirts are best left to school kids or fast-food joint staff unless the occasion is casual (and forgettable if we may add). Instead, stick to conventional full-sleeve shirts in Linen and Cotton - choose from checks, solids, patterned or floral in various colours.


Floral and check shirts in Linen make you look summer-ready


Vests with shorts is a no. Linen trousers are a go.

We understand you want to dress cool and look like you’re chilling in summers, but wearing vests and shorts outside your home is a sure shot fashion disaster. Go for loose-fit tees or shirts, and combine them with Linen or Khaki trousers for a relaxed and comfortable look.


Linen trousers offer a comfortable and sharp look in summers


Linen blazer over wool blazer

So you’ll wear your worsted wool blazer to that summer wedding next weekend? Good luck surviving the heatwave and the style police. Summers demand that you invest in a blazer that is lightweight, breathable and super stylish. Linen Blazers come to the rescue here. These blazers will make you look elegant and fresh even in the hot summer weather.


Nothing beats a Linen blazer when it comes to summer style


Don’t wear too much colour

Isn’t summer all about colours! The trees carry all shades of green; the flowers burst in violet, magenta, and yellows. Why won’t you dress all colourful in summers, then? Well, precisely because it clearly reflects your lack of fashion taste.

Colour-coordination is an extremely important part of dressing up. Go for matching attire with not more than three colours. Alternatively, try adding a contrast through a pop of colour in your look – this can be done through colourful accessories like ties, scarves, pocket squares, belts, shoes and bags.


A well-coordinated outfit speaks volumes about your taste


Goodbye flip-flops. Say hi to stylish brogues and sneakers

Flip-flops are a big no beyond the pool or beach. Yes, your feet may feel at home in them but that doesn’t mean there are no classy and comfortable alternatives to it. This summer, go for a classic pair of brogues or brogue-inspired sneakers that will keep your feet fresh and stylish.




Ditch the flip-flops and style your feet in these trendy shoes


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