Styling Secrets to Look Taller

Styling Secrets to Look Taller

Mar 27, 2017 3:27:54 PM

First things first - it takes more than just height to look good. And secondly, gaining an inch or two and appearing taller is no rocket science. A lot about height has to do with perception, and perception can be cleverly toyed with. The hack lies in your closet.

Up ahead are some pro-tips that’ll help you get the job done just fine.

When going for the suit look

Two words to keep in mind when suiting up - Fitting and Proportion



 Shorter, fitted blazer - Blazers usually cover the butt area. Shorter blazers, however, will expose the leg and lend the illusion of height.

Narrow lapels – The objective here is to keep the shoulders from looking wide. Narrow lapels, especially notch lapels, slim the chest and shoulders to make you look taller.

High buttons – The waist button plays a key role in drawing attention to your upper body and giving the appearance of a high waist. Go for blazers (preferably two-button), where the top button is placed above your navel.

Low-contrast – Monochromes provide a streamline effect to your appearance. So do low-contrasts. Play with colours within the same family, devise a look where your shirt or tie matches your suit, or opt for a head-to-toe monochrome ensemble.


When choosing trousers

Saggy, low-waist pants haven’t done anyone any good. The right trouser creates length, helps shape your overall stance, and makes you look neat.


High- rise bottoms – Medium or high-rise trousers elongate your legs as opposed to low-waist pants.

No break on legs – Trouser break is the amount of fabric that covers your shoe. You can easily lengthen your legs by opting for trousers without any break.


When choosing shirts

Repeat after us - Leaner arms = Longer body



Slim fit shirts – These shirts makes your torso appear narrow hence giving a leaner look.

Cuff length – Ideally ¼ inch of your shirt cuff should show under your blazer if you are on the shorter side. Again, it makes your arms look longer.

Tuck it – Button-down shirts should be tucked in most of the time. If that’s not the case, then make sure your shirt hem ends at your hipbone. Longer shirts will only make your legs look stocky.

V-necks – Sport V-neck T-shirts for those casual days. They elongate the neck.

 When picking accessories            


Purpose –To draw attention to your upper body

Wishlist – Hats, lapel pins, pocket squares, glasses, slim ties, scarves and slim belts

Accessorising an outfit is a must. But limit it to two or three accessories, at best. You don’t want to emit any eccentric vibes. Hats add some extra inches to your body; belts that are no thicker than 1.5 inch work best; skinny ties make your torso appear taller.


What to avoid

Purpose – To know thy enemies

 Blacklist – Bright socks, belts with big buckles, waistcoats, baggy trousers, short sleeve shirt, flashy shoes


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