Nov 16, 2017 11:46:28 AM

Autumn is just like the warm up for the freezing season to kick in, making it often confusing on whether to layer it up or not. It isn’t time for chunky tweed and woolen sweaters or those hefty jackets but we’d surely want to stay covered.

Blackberrys has got some ideas keeping in mind the need of the style conscious men ready to enjoy the pleasant weather. Layer or no layer, all we need is the right collection and we are ready with the perfect outfit.

    1. Full-sleeve Shirts

It is almost time to switch to full-sleeve shirts. You could go for warmer side of colours, pick prints that blend in the mood of the place. We’d really recommend dobby checks as they give the perfect feel of the weather.



    2. Knit Sweats & Sweaters

A lightweight knit sweater could always accompany you while you step out. They are easy to carry and very light to wear. It gives you a thin intermediate layer that keeps you comfy and manages your body temperature.


  3. Statement Blazers

Blazers have gone from being statement pieces to wardrobe essentials. Pick a lightweight blazer and team it up with your outfit for a flexible and comfortable fit. Shirts, t-shirts or polos; blazers commit to every look you choose. Only thing for you to check upon is colour-coding of the outfit.


    4. Jackets for Everyday

The selection comes here basis the material of the jacket you choose. A thin zippered full-sleeve jacket or a sleeveless cotton jacket is your must-have. Get your hands on a reversible jacket that serves to different occasions and moods, while they lend you a sharp look with comfort this season.




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