Beards at Work: Men finally get their due

Beards at Work: Men finally get their due

Nov 10, 2016 6:53:49 PM

Gone are the days when carrying a beard to the work place was dreaded. On this day, from what we know, the month November has totally changed the rules of the Office Grooming concept.

Perfectly-tailored Formal Suits and Beard have become the hottest collab on the menswear scene. In fact, Beard is now an independent industry in its own right, and do we mind?

Men, because youspend a major part of your day in offices, here’s an Office Rule Book to keep handy, for yourdressing, beard and other grooming.

Mean bushiness… Oops, business.

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Everybody looks up to the man behind all the great performances and all the serious maths in an office, and a beard can further glorify this position. A bush that’s as astonishingly and annoyingly perfect as Tom Hardy’s is safe bet for all faces (even the acne-prone ones!).

So Boss, let yours find its route from temples and jawline to the chin until it hides your neck. The extra growth can be ‘bonsai-ed’ every second day or third. Ditch your usual hair-do with help from your stylist, and create the balance of bushy on your chin and head.

[Greys add up to the weight of your work experience. ;) ]

Mr. Know-it-all

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A gentleman must have a fine mustache. Period. It brings an intense authority to their words,they could tell the world they just murdered someone, and get away with it. So when you have important people to meet, important decisions to make, and an important image to maintain, the moosh is for keeps.

Beard trimmed at the cheeks and longer at the chin could be just right. 4 to 6 weeks should be good to serve you and your style. Shape the bush and the moosh, and enter the Conference Room to win them over.

The Easy-going Dude

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The Creative thinkers (like the Painters, Photographers, Art professionals and Writers) don’t entertain any rules. They are to be let alone and free when on the job, and that shows up in their clothes, hair and beards. You know, the ones with ripped denims, t-shirts and blazers over them?

If you fit, a bushy beard with long hair is always welcomed (probably because it underlines their creative and liberal side). The hair can just be brushed aside with a few casual hand strokes, watch the texture it gets. And the beard can take its form over a few weeks before meeting the razor. A casual shaping here and there, and you’re all set for a thoughtful, long swig of hot coffee, and some arty visualization. Fancy much, eh?

The Stubble Intern

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Interns and a stubble go hand-in-hand. Because you can carry it without being reprimanded.Because it can be cleaned off without looking like a new person the next day. Because you can’t risk challenging your seniors over something you’re a fresher it. (Yes, we’re talking about the Beard Business.)

So take out 2 weeks, let the tidbits grow, and trim it back to a good shape.The hair could be short, long, highlighted or the simple natural tone. Wear jackets with chinos, or blazers with denims. Honestly, anything works for a young and naïve professional guy.

Men are finally getting their due, and realize that growing a beard is an outward expression of their inner person. And just in time, the workplaces have expressed a mass acceptance for the trend. We hope you too keep your chin carpeted in this weather.



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