Essentials for Choosing the Right Formal Shirts

Essentials for Choosing the Right Formal Shirts

Oct 12, 2017 6:07:03 PM

It is often observed that men come to ‘giving up’ style options when they look for shirts that promise comfort. We say; compliments could never feel too great unless you feel happy and easy in the outfit you carry. The rule applies vice-versa as well.

Your fashion partner Blackberrys finds the dichotomy between fashion and comfort somewhat untrue, and today wants to talk about the intelligent lifestyle of fine dressing. Limiting style options in your shirts will be history, when you start to browse through the collection that serves you these 3 elements:

Ease of Movement: Easy movement is the idea, and cotton is fabric that you need to pick. Try looking for shirts in cotton that have features such as UV protection, moisture management and antimicrobial effect. It will keep the shirt breathable and control any sort of irritation that humidity often causes.

Ease of Fit: Slim fit shirt or regular fit shirt, try it on and check it is neither too loose nor too tight. Fabric gathering at places or wrinkles & stretch around the buttons is a big no-no. 

Look for shirts that are stitched with soft fusing. They lend a neat fit while you don’t experience any discomfort. 

Ease of Maintenance: Pick the shirt that lets you be flexible even when you are out or on the move all day long. You can always opt for anti-wrinkle cotton and forget worrying about the long-lasting finish.

Once you have covered the above, experiment with colours, go for prints, pick the patterns that give you a head-turner look. 

Geometric patterns in shirts give a very soft and fresh look, stripes pattern on shirts whereas are perfect for a fashion forward outfit. If you avidly love solid colour shirts, there is a plethora of colours that will bring out your personality and get you ready for the action.

Never limit yourself to the unexciting side of trend. Pick what you like and wear what you please, with definite style & utmost comfort.


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