How to rock the Business Casual look

How to rock the Business Casual look

Apr 13, 2017 3:35:14 PM

Workplaces have broken free from the starched shirts and monochrome suits code to make space for creative dressing much like business casual.

Business casual has been around for quite some time now but not without confusion surrounding its fundamentals. Up ahead is your guide to just what and what not this dress code denotes, and how to incorporate it in your daily office dressing.

Business Casual Dressing – the zone

  • It falls somewhere between strictly formal and downright casual
  • It’s smart casual set in a work environment
  • It exudes a professional image while enjoying a less than formal look
  • Leisurely = YES, Relaxed = NO
  • It might or might not involve a suit
  • It definitely doesn’t involve denim jeans
  • It has more to do with dressing down your formals rather than dressing up your casuals

The Business Casual Attire

Dress Shirts

Business casual offers the liberty to introduce more patterns and less formal collar types when it comes to shirts. Go for full-sleeve shirts in summer colours like blue, green, lavender, light pink and white. Choose patterns like stripes, checks and gingham and make sure to keep the top button undone unless you’re wearing a tie.

  • Avoid wearing flashy prints
  • T-shirts are a no
  • Remember to tuck your shirt in
  • No polo shirts please


Khakis, chinos, dress trousers fall in the business casual scheme of things. Invest in colours like grey, navy, brown, charcoal and beige. Ideally, go for well fitted trousers with no-break.

  • Avoid denims, sweat pants, cargo trousers, shorts or drawstring trousers


Business casual dress code gives you the freedom to explore beyond the regular Oxfords. Go for shoes such as brogues, loafers, derbies, smart sneakers in suede and leather. Colours like black, brown, burgundy go well with almost all looks.

  • Avoid wearing tennis shoes and casual sneakers


Wearing a blazer is not mandatory but it sure reflects a sophisticated image. Go for a single-breasted, well fitted linen blazer in colours like navy, beige, brown and blue. You can team the blazer with a pair of coloured trousers. Skip the tie and keep your collar unbuttoned to give it a business casual feel.

  • Avoid wearing loud patterns

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