Rise and Shine: How to Brighten Up Your Weekday Mornings?

Rise and Shine: How to Brighten Up Your Weekday Mornings?

Oct 24, 2016 3:06:49 PM

A workday morning is synonymous with a comically profound struggle to get out of bed, coupled with a deep nostalgia for the weekend spent and an honest yearning for the weekend yet to come.

However, we all know that one guy from work who claims Monday is just another day. And it really must hold true for the guy-with-a spring-in-his-step,because who looks this chipper on any weekday, let alone a Monday morning?

Want to know his secret? Let’s take a sneak peek into his 5 bathroom hacks for a brighter workday morning:

1. Smile a While


We realize that you’re used to your awesomeness by now, but acknowledging it once in a while can be good for your soul and self-esteem.

You don’t even need to prepare a pep talk. Just give yourself your best smile when you first look in the bathroom mirror each dayandlet your mind soak in the feel-good endorphins. 

2. Zen your Den


Simplify to speed up your morning grooming routine. Get rid of the stuff you no longer use. Reduce the clutter in the bathroom.

Give your sleep-addled brain a break from making redundant decisions so early in the morning (and spare yourself the trauma of accidentally brushing your teeth with some old shaving gel).

3. Turn Down the Heat

When you bathe, always end with a cold shower.

No, we’re not messing with you! You may be cringing at the idea of cold water on your skin now, but take the plunge and we bet you’ll become an advocate of playing it cool.

Lowering the temperature of the water will perk you up in a jiffy. And, if you’re sore from the gym, a 24-minute cold water bath usually does the trick.

4. Rock a ‘Soap’Opera

Okay, so what if you’re not Bon Jovi? Belting out It’s My Life in the shower is just what you need to take on and win the day!

Music, especially upbeat songs, can colour bright hues over those morning blues. To get yourself pumped for the day, crank up the volume on that Bluetooth portable speaker and indulge in some not-so-serious bathroom-singing. (Prepare to be amazed by the acoustics in there!)

5. Wear Joy

Bright colours and wearing something you love (and, of course, compliments) are believed to have an uplifting effect on the mood. To brighten up your mornings, slip on that cheerful shirt which gets you come-hither smiles from the ladies or that slim fit suit that makes you feel like Bond on a mission.

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