Style essentials for your summer trip

Style essentials for your summer trip

May 17, 2017 4:33:26 PM

Travelling is often likened to freedom, and rightly so. There’s freedom to explore, adventure, express, and leave an indelible impression of who you are through simplest of choices - like what you wear. 

Since clothes carry your marks across territories and beyond maps, we thought of jotting down a few sartorial tips for all you vacation-bound fellas to do so with poise. Up ahead are a few points of consideration to make your summer trip a serious case of style.


Much like clothes, whatever footwear makes it to your travel bag should hold a high capability of adapting to various looks. A dark shade of brogues or derbies can be considered serious contenders for any kind of trip. They adjust well with your casual and semi-casual attire in addition to providing charm and comfort.

You might also consider sporting chic sneakers to the airport or just in case you plan to take the streets and wander.


Blazer and Jacket

No we’re not discounting the fact that it’s summers, but some style pieces transcend seasons. Enter Linen blazers. If you have one, pack it right away. If you don’t, we seriously recommend investing in a slim-fit blazer.

Think of dining at that popular restaurant or cafe, or just making a sophisticated statement irrespective of where you are - a Linen blazer will never let you down. Pair it with khakis and a casual cotton shirt to ace the maestro look, or team it with khaki shorts and a simple t-shirt for casual outings.

Since travel clothing has a lot to do with layering, you can also consider packing a light and stylish jacket that adds an ideal finishing touch to your look.



Pack atleast 2 changes for a day. Linen and cotton shirts win hands down for summers. They are breathable, comfortable, and classic. Take your pick from a range of florals, checks, solids and patterned.

Switch looks with a simple change of trousers – a floral shirt styled with denim jeans and sneakers is an absolute style winner when it comes to smart-casuals. On the other hand, a check shirt, formal trousers and brogue combination spells suave.

Always carry a white shirt in your travel bag. It’s your go-to piece whenever you’re in doubt.


Khakis, khakis, and more khakis. Carry them as shorts, trousers or whatever form you get them in. We can’t praise them enough. Think of beige, brown and earthen colours that team well with most looks.


Your suitcase should also carry a pair of slim-fit formal trouser in black. These are reserved for slightly formal-ish occasions that demand a sharp version of you.

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