It’s going to be a Linen - tastic summer!

It’s going to be a Linen - tastic summer!

Feb 24, 2017 11:47:33 AM

The summer season rips the lid off the Pandora’s Box of trends. Greys and blacks give way to vibgyor hues; wools and knits make space for breezy fabrics; effortless comfort takes precedence in style.

This summer’s big trend forecast can be summed up in one word – Linen. The fabric is all set to take over the soaring city temperatures with its freshness, exuberance, and versatility.

Linen might well be crowned the king of summer fabrics. It soothes the severity of heat without killing your style. It is breathable, sweat-absorbent, resilient, functional, and classy.

We took it upon ourselves to prepare a little cheat sheet for your Linen summer dressing-

 The All Linen Look


This look can be a little tricky to compose but it gets a big thumbs up from us! You can go all imaginative with the colour combinations and texture contrasts.

Don a slim fit Linen suit with a printed Linen waistcoat. Enhance it with the right accessories like shoes and lapel pin. And voila, you are a vision of elegance!

Here’s another look to try - match your Linen Khakis and Blazer, and introduce a contrast with a fitted printed Linen shirt. Go for a matching belt, shoes and pocket square to complete the look.

Linen Shirts


 They come in florals and checks, solids and patterns. You can derive endless combinations for every day of the month.

Want to go for an office dandy look? Pair a slim fit solid Linen shirt with formal trousers. Taking her out on a date? Switch to a Linen floral shirt with washed denims. Chilling out with the boys? Wear a Linen motif shirt with tailored shorts.

Don’t forget to match the shoes and belt in each scenario.

 Linen Khakis


It’s the only trouser you’ll need this summer season!

Linen Khakis are rugged yet soft, comfortable yet stylish, leisurely yet dignified. They have this amazing ability to adapt to your routine – take them for your meetings, for coffee dates, to the beach, for a stroll in the park, for running errands, you name it! And they can be mixed and matched with almost anything. Choose for a sea of colours and fits, and stock your closet with these fantastic summer essentials.

Linen Blazers


Also known as magical pieces of clothing that can instantly make your attire go from blah to whoa!Linen blazers are lightweight, breathable, and timeless.

Invest in a fitted blazer in dark colors like navy, charcoal, and brown to attend a formal event like a wedding or a posh party. Accessorise with lapel flowers or pocket squares.Go for a beige, cream or earthy tone to conjure a smart-casual image.

These blazers also sit nicely over polo tees and denim for a laidback holiday look.

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