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Do you often find yourself at a loss for something to wear, despite a wardrobe you promptly restock with the latest fashion each season?

Dressing decisions can be especially tediousfor the duration in-between two eye-catching trends. To look like a man in tune with the times, at all times, you need something timeless to couple with your trendy.

These classic sartorial pieces, being understated, serve as an amazing backdrop for showcasing (or balancing out) your trendier companion pieces.
Scroll down to know about the fashion staples a gentleman’s wardrobe should always house:

(Disclaimer: This list briefly touches on only a few wardrobe essentials. Please don’t interpret the list’s briefness as our implicit permission to go commando to your workplace. You’ll still need socks, undergarments, belts, shoes, among other wardrobe essentials!)

1. The Bewitching Boardroom Shirt

An exquisite twist on the formal shirt, the boardroom shirt is both a wardrobe essential and a powerful statement piece! The metal detailing at the collar wings, fused seams, cuts, and seams, as well as the extra stitches per inch, grant it a finesse not found in any other shirt. Nearly everything looks effortlessly stylish when teamed up with this wonderful menswear staple.

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  • Go for bluetones instead of yellow,since blue works well with almost all colours.
  • Stretch your wardrobe by layering the shirt with a vest or jacket.

2. The Dark Blue Jeans

A well fitting pair of dark blue jeans is an evergreen fashion garment. This go-to-leg-wear serves as a wonderful substitute for trousers.

  • Pick a pair that’s not pre-creased or stone-washed.
  • Get a slim-fit pair of jeans instead of the skinny fit – an unfortunate trend that crossed over to menswear, same as the chicken crossed the road. On chicken legs!

3. The Sleeveless Slim Fit Sweater

Winters are hardly complete without a sleeveless slim fit sweater. Toss one on, over a shirt (full sleeves/half sleeves button-up, or Tee or Polo), to define your style while also staying warm.

  • Choose a solid black colourfor more potential combinations to maximize utility.
  • Opt for a v-neck (as opposed to the crew neck) to elongate your face.

4. The Quilted Textured Jacket 

Another no-brainer when you need to layer for the winter is the military inspired quilted jacket.This cold-weather wardrobestapleis specifically built for transitioning smartly into the new season. 

  • Pair with denims for a natural finishor rolled-up chinos for a dressed-down look.

5. The Perfectly-cut Khakis

Alternative pants in a light colour is a classic choice you should add to your style arsenal. Khakis were made popular by the likes of JFK, and James Dean in the 1950-60s. A degree less casual than the jeans, a pair of perfectly cut khakis lend an air of casual sophistication.

  • For a preppy weekend look, cuff the khakis by tightly rolling them up.

6. The Sleek Navy Jacket

A well-tailored Navy Jacket is indispensable winter apparel for every man. Donning it ups the modern rakish appeal drastically.

  • The sleeves should fall to your wrist bone but oughtn’t to be longer than the base of the thumb.

So, which essential is missing from your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments below and head over to the Blackberrys store to update your wardrobe with the fashion basics!

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